Privacy Policy

The data and information provided by the Client to Avantaj Cargo, Will use Avantaj Cargo carefully and confidentially.

Avantaj Cargo may only use the personal data of the Client in the context of the performance of its delivery obligation or the handling of a complaint. Avantaj Cargo is responsible for the implementation of the delivery obligation. to provide the Client’s details to the relevant carrier.

It is Avantaj Cargo  not permitted to lend out, rent, sell or in any way make public the personal data of the Client.

If on the basis of a statutory provision or a court order Avantaj Cargo is bound to provide confidential information to third parties, and Avantaj Cargo can not rely on a statutory right recognized or permitted by the competent court in this matter, Avantaj Cargo not liable for compensation or compensation. The Client is also not entitled to terminate the Agreement on the grounds of any damage that may have occurred as a result of this.

The Client agrees that Avantaj Cargo the Client approaches statistical research or customer satisfaction research. If the Client does not wish to be approached for research, the Client can make this known.

Avantaj Cargo reserves the right to use the other data of the Client in anonymous form for (statistical) research and database.